My word for 2024 is “moments.”  There are obvious life moments that we reflect on:  falling in love, getting married, first child, running a marathon, being a grandma, memorable vacations, seeing loved ones pass, losing a pet, experiencing success, enduring failure.   We focus on the happy moments more than the sad ones because the sad ones are harder, and perhaps we just want to move through them and move on.  

These days, I find myself moving quickly through the days, weeks and months.  While this can make me feel ever-so-accomplished in my multi-tasking brilliance, I suppose that I am missing the opportunity to smell the flowers, smell the coffee, smile at the rainbow … to take the time to reflect on the “moments” that made up the day.  

My hope for the new year is to capture more moments in real time, as they happen as opposed to (or perhaps, in addition to) looking back on them.  I want moments to be more than a fleeting feeling; to touch my emotions in a more lasting way by spending time in the experience.

In an article featured in Quora, several moments were captured… watching a sunrise or sunset, sharing a meal with loved ones, laughing with friends, experiencing small acts of kindness, witnessing acts of generosity, connecting with nature, and finding moments of peace and contentment.  

I am excited to find my “moments” … or have them find me in 2024.  Come alongside as we see and experience them together.  

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