Recent testimonials from my wonderful group of clients

I am reflecting on how many events have impacted me over the past 5 years and how significant my development has been as a result. I think I’ve changed more for the better since you started working with me than I did in my many professional years prior to meeting you. I’m appreciative of the effort you put into my development. It has made a difference.

~ Controller

Margaret is a collaborative partner who seeks to provide a high quality product relevant to the specific needs of her client.  Her authentic style and desire to understand her client has enabled her to connect and gain credibility with our leaders at all levels and within varying functions.

~ Learning & Development Supervisor 

Margaret is a steady and astute business professional whose value extends beyond her expertise in human resources and organizational development. Margaret is a versatile partner and gifted contributor who quickly analyzes challenges, identifies opportunities and offers solutions to support individuals and business objectives at many levels across an organization.

Most of all, Margaret truly cares about the people she works with. Her authenticity and genuine desire to help her teammates achieve their personal best is a leadership trait that always shines through.

Communications Lead/Consultant

Margaret designed and developed a Leadership Development Program that is inclusive of leaders at all levels of the organization.  The true ROI has been that nearly 1/3 of leaders who have attended the program have received promotions or transfers during or after participating in the program.

Margaret has also helped us with one-on-one leadership coaching assignments, department team-building and strategy and change management sessions. She is genuine in her delivery and her ease of style is well received.

Margaret is responsive, engaged and a dynamic organizational development expert, who relates well to “real world” examples with her personal background, experience and knowledge of being a leader.

~ Manager, Organizational Training & Education