Five Tips in Managing Through these Difficult Times

Five Tips in Managing Through these Difficult Times

Greetings to you, my friends and colleagues…  I hope this message finds you healthy and safe and that your friends and loved ones are healthy and safe too!  If health challenges exist, my prayers go out to you and your family.

If you are like me, you are: inundated with Zoom meetings, you are missing being with your colleagues in person and you are looking for good news as to when this incredibly difficult time period will begin to cease.   

Last week I participated in a meeting hosted by John C. Maxwell.  It was short and simple and Maxwell offered 5 tips that I wanted to pass along.  We all know these tips but often in times of struggle, we lose sight as we are pushing through the daily stuff.

They caused me to pause over the weekend and I found myself reflecting on them and how I am showing up for those I interact with.   I thought they might be helpful to you as well.   

  1. Have continual hope – it is the fuel that gets all of us through the day.  Reality is what we deal with day in and day out, but hope is what is wrapped around reality.   
  2. Give people grace and compassion – most of us aren’t ourselves (or our best) in times of uncertainty.  Be a little more understanding or provide that extra word of encouragement
  3. Be thoughtful – listen well, hear them, pause and reflect and use grace daily
  4. Be patient and calm – others look to leaders for this;  we can all be that person that steadies the boat
  5. Offer each other your best – communicate and share more; be “present” (even when we can’t physically be together); give each other a feeling of trust (we may not always do the right thing) but know that our intentions are good

And finally, get small wins today!  

Find something that went well today.  Perhaps you got up and made your bed.  Or you got in a nice walk.  Celebrate those!  

And above all, I care about each one of you!   Offering you peace and comfort as we all get through this difficult time.  We are in this together.  

God Bless you.  

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