One Word

One Word

It is the beginning of the new year…  

2020 has been a challenging, sometimes frustrating, sometimes energizing year.  We could easily have allowed the challenges and frustrations to take over, but when asked what gifts we have taken away from the year, I am sure there are many. 

Learning Zoom, the way we found to stay connected when we couldn’t be physically present.  The hopefulness that Zoom will cease to be our primary mode of connecting with our friends and colleagues in the not to distant future.  And yet, in that same breath, the joy in watching my parents, who are in their mid-90’s Zoom with their 10 grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Those are the things that matter the most, that put smiles on our faces, and the ones that deepen relationships all over.   

If we focus on the gifts that we didn’t plan on and the lessons we have learned, there are definitely things we can smile about.  What are your gifts from 2020?

One of my favorite authors and speakers, Jon Gordon wrote a book several years ago with two of his colleagues titled, One Word.  Jon said, “Instead of creating endless goals and resolutions for 2021, choose One Word to be your driving force for the year. No goals. No wish lists. Just one word.  When you choose one word for the year it will become a chapter in your book of life.”

I’ve spent the last several days thinking about Jon’s message.  I’ve made a list of about 10 words and have noodled them around because I’d like to join this “One Word” community.  

The process of “one word” is to choose a word that will guide us in everything we do in 2021, both personally and professionally and live it out.  For 365 days!    

On this January 1, 2021, I have uncovered my word, which is a good thing because tomorrow is already the 2nd.  The word I have chosen is STRETCH.  My “one word” gives me purpose and as Jon Gordon says, “I want my purpose to be more important than my challenges.”  The words in the definition of stretch resonated with me.  Things like, “cause (someone) to make maximum use of their talents or abilities” or adapt or extend the scope of (something) in a way that exceeds a reasonable or acceptable limit.  

So I’m set. And while I am stretching… I will leave a little in the tank every day so I can come back again tomorrow.   Happy New Year!  

What is your word for 2021? 

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