Our Purpose Journey

Our Purpose Journey

“Purpose is the reason we work beyond financial rewards and recognition.” ~ Imperative

Powerful statement, right? It’s actually difficult to think that any of us do this, but once you find it, you absolutely know it! I had snippets of purpose growing up and early in my career. Those snippets told my story, created my path and paved the way to fully embrace where I am today. It took me nearly 20 years into my career to be in this space of being purpose driven and now that I’m here, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. We all have purpose and when we apply it to the fullest, we give the best of ourselves.

You may still be wrestling with the statement, “Purpose is the reason we work beyond financial rewards and recognition.” Don’t get me wrong. The financial rewards and recognition are important. They provide validation that we matter and they come when what we are contributing to is personally important. And when it is personally important, the work doesn’t seem like work because you are making a difference and doing what you love.

Imperative asks the question, “What is your earliest memory of seeing that work could be about more than money, status and recognition?” This question required deep reflection. For me, because of many life challenges and changes, this only came in the last 10 years or so. But I knew when it happened. My days changed to contentment instead of 8 to 5. And even though there were many weekend work hours, I still found myself completely fulfilled because my work had meaning. I had a purpose. And I was making a difference. And now as the owner of my own firm, I get to always check the “personally important” and “making a difference” meter.

Last month I completed Imperative’s Purpose Coach Certification Program with awesome facilitators and a cohort of amazing purpose driven professionals. The importance of this for me isn’t the piece of paper or the cool logo of completion. Rather, it is the validation that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing that gives me amazing meaning and fulfillment.

And it doesn’t mean I’m done. It does mean, however, that I will always be looking for ways to refine my craft to be the best I can be. With that, I challenge those I am working with to be their best. If you know the Story of the Starfish (https://www.sunnyskyz.com/feel-good-st…/…/The-Starfish-Story), you will understand why…

My purpose is to ignite starfish to find their greatest strengths.

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