The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot

In sports, the sweet spot is the area around the center of mass of a bat, a racket, or the head of a club that is the most effective part with which to hit a ball, says Miriam Webster.   

On a short podcast I watched the other day, John Maxwell, professional speaker and leadership guru was talking about a career versus a calling.   He spoke of the shift from career to calling, where your career is building, you are boosting your resume and you are climbing the ladder.  Your calling is moving from your career to something that helps and adds value to other people.  It is wanting more for others than you want for yourself.   He called that place “sweet spot” and I smiled to myself.  I use the term sweet spot frequently with my coaching clients.    For me, it is that place where you are at your best, doing what you love and being deliriously happy …. and you know it.  When you are in that place you are completely fulfilled. 

When you find that calling in your career, well, I suppose it feels as if you’ve won the lottery.   In fact, I’m certain of it!  

Roger Crawford, Hall of Fame speaker and athlete says your sweet spot is more than a skill — it’s your unique power, inspired by passion, and driven by a sense of what’s possible.  Your sweet spot is where your ambition, passion, and strength are all in alignment.  I think it takes learning, stretching and growing to find your sweet spot.  I don’t think you are born with it and I believe the search or climb makes it worth the discovery.   If you know your sweet spot, that place of complete fulfillment, you seek to find possibilities that align with it and nurture those possibilities.  We should ask regularly, how can I be in that place as much as I can be?    

Limitless possibilities are all around us. The key is finding possibilities that align with your sweet spot, rather than trying to alter your sweet spot to fit the possibility.  We should all have a future filled with promise and possibilities!   Think of what we are able to bring to others when we are bringing everything we have through our calling, our sweet spot!  

Crawford later says what makes a person unforgettable is the impact they have made in the lives of others.  His late friend Charlie Jones used to say, “If your life does not make a difference, your absence won’t either!”  Definitely words to reflect on, every day!

There are opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others every day.   We just have to be on the lookout and ready when they come.

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